OMG I love this child

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Mother’s Day Post 1 of 2…

I love this child so freaking much.

I don’t think I can pour it out into words how painfully much I love him, how thankful I am for him, how happy I am as a mother and as his mother. But briefly let me say…I love this little man. In his six months here with us he has taught me so much and has challenged me and encouraged me to grow in ways I never knew possible. The joy and love he has brought to our lives is a serious blessing.

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Sometimes things just need to suck

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Don’t brush off what you feel just because you know you’ll get through it, it’ll be over at some point, or someone else is worse off than you. That’s a really quick way to completely invalidate your experiences.

How often do you hear people say things like…

I’ll be fine.
It’s no big deal.
I shouldn’t complain.
It’s nothing.

I hear them all.the.time. And I catch myself saying them too.

What I know for sure is that often times it’s not nothing. And you’re not fine.

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Time to throw up a low-key middle finger

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Sometimes you just need to throw up a low-key middle finger…

To other people’s expectations of you.
To your own negative self talk.
To anyone who wants to bring you down.
To things you’ve been doing just to please other people.
To doubters, haters, and judgers.

There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t support you, doesn’t understand you, or doesn’t want you to succeed.

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Can you tap into your inner baby?

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For as long as they keep coming, I will never stop soaking up these moments. As a newborn it was all the time, and now only occasionally…. usually it’s just us, early mornings, when he falls back asleep nuzzled up on me.

My heart broke a little this morning thinking about the fact he will do this less and less as the months go on. Things are changing so fast. Every step forward, each milestone he hits, I look back and it’s a flash. Time is flying.

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Perfect is boring

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Perfect is boring. Perfect is also impossible. Trying to achieve something both boring and impossible sounds like a pretty epic waste of time.

Don’t you think?

No one is perfect. It just doesn’t exist. You can spend your life trying to seem perfect…

Never admit to a mistake or a struggle, don’t let anyone see you sweat, always smile even when you’re hurting, keep your shit together no matter what the cost, please everyone around you by being whatever they need you to be at all times.

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How my health changed during my pregnancy

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Feeling nostalgic so throwback to this 7 month bump! Also thinking back on people constantly saying things like,

“It’s the only time you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty”…
“It’s the best excuse to be bloated”…
“Enjoy the food freedom while it lasts”…

It pains me to think that we only give ourselves that leniency and grace when we feel we have a reason to, an excuse, a “condition” like pregnancy.

Who makes those rules anyway?

Self Love/Body Image

Don’t be skeptical about your worth

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There’s plenty of things to be skeptical about in this world. Don’t let your worth be one of them.

Refuse to spend your days wondering – am I good enough, smart enough, fun enough, young enough, old enough, strong enough, pretty enough, cool enough, wealthy enough, thin enough, creative enough, (fill in the blank) enough? Do I bring value; am I worthy of the things I have; do I even deserve the things I want for?

Let’s be honest. We all ask ourselves these things sometimes.


The time we’re in is about loss

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The time we’re in is a lot about loss.

Not just the loss of life, jobs, control…there’s many areas, but two I’ve been feeling the most recently.

The loss of moments.

Simple moments in time – often ones we take for granted – that can’t be revisited once this is over. Both the celebratory and painful ones.

Mindset/Mental Health

What’s the difference between motivation and discipline?

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Can you feel the difference between motivation and discipline?

I write a lot. I think a lot. I have ideas running through my mind all day long. I am very motivated to write, share, and engage with others around what I’m writing and thinking about.

And…I haven’t been disciplined about writing, posting, and getting things down and out as much as I want to. It’s a push and pull where I am super eager and excited by it (that’s the motivation, y’all) but I haven’t consistently put in the work to fit it into my days (got to find me some discipline!). After all, thoughts don’t write themselves.