There’s this belief kicking around…

It says once you become a mom there’s no time for you, everyone else comes first now, and your needs don’t matter. It says you have to be constantly exhausted, depleted, stressed, and overwhelmed. That you can’t take time for yourself, do things for yourself, or buy things for yourself. It says the more burned out and run down you are, the bigger medal you receive. And if you’re not feeling that way, you’re doin’ it wrong. It says you’ve got to do it all and look good while you’re at it. Go, go, go, give, give, give, you’re not doing enough.

Well, I say screw that.

Is being a mom hard? Yes. Are there going to be chaotic, messy, stressful days and seasons of it? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that every day needs to be a struggle where you’re barely treading water as you try to make it til bedtime. The more you subscribe to the belief that your needs don’t matter or that you have to prove yourself to anyone, the harder motherhood becomes. And what’s often happening is that shame and perfectionism are getting in the way.

When shame’s in the mix, you might be…

  • Burned out because you’re trying to do it all (and still feeling like it’s never enough)
  • Craving you-time and trying to remember what self-care even is
  • Feeling inadequate about your body, your role as a mom/partner, your work choices
  • Bored, lonely, feeling like you’ve lost parts of yourself since becoming a mom
  • Trash-talking yourself, obsessing over flaws, trying to show up perfectly all the time

If any of those was a yup that’s me, you’re not alone.

And you're in the right place...

We all experience that "I'm not enough" feeling sometimes, but no one talks about it because it seems too dark and uncomfortable. Are you cringing already? I get it. And I'm here to shine a light on it so it stops taking such a big toll on your life. You deserve to do things for yourself, take time for yourself, and live an unapologetically imperfect mom life that seriously lights you up.

On here I get real about motherhood, body image and self-love, mindset and mental health, and my journey working through shame and perfectionism. I share roundups of my favorite things for a healthy mind and happy body, as well as a strong dose of my humor, optimism, awkwardness, and tough love. I'm all for finding beauty in the everyday mess...who's with me??

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