Don't you love a good word of mouth rec? Each item here makes me happy or improves my life in some way. Quick disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you click the link to purchase something, I may receive a small commission (of course at no additional cost to you)... and I only ever recommend what I actually use and love myself!

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primally pure

My holy grail for non-toxic, all-natural skincare. I use their whole face regimen, plus dry shampoo, deodorant, and baby balm. Are you ready to clean up what you're putting on your skin??

My Personal Favorites

Holy grail natural, non-toxic skincare, beauty, and home products. Go-to superfoods to keep you energized on even the most draining days. Comfy clothes that you can easily do mom life in. Items that make self-care accessible and fun - you deserve it, mama!

branch basics

The only cleaners I need for my house! Non-toxic products that keep your home clean and family safe. Super easy system, sustainable packaging, and no chemical/perfumey smell. 


A green drink superfood for energy, immunity, and skin. The benefits of greens, superfoods, and juicing, without the effort of stockpiling ingredients or cleaning a dozen parts of a juicer everyday.

Lumineux oral essentials

Teeth whitening that actually works and doesn't leave your mouth in pain for days. All-natural, non-toxic, and easy to use.

Daily Harvest

Really good food, built on organic, whole fruits & veg. Delivered to your door, ready in minutes, and free of dairy, gluten, filler, and yucky artificial stuff. Fuel for the soul (and for those busy, tired, hangry mama moments!)

ilia beauty

Your ticket to a refreshed, energized, and natural look that doesn't take ages to put on. And, it's makeup without all the added, unnecessary junk. Safe products that protect and revive your skin from within.

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beekeepers naturals

Superfoods for your body and soul! Immune support, caffeine-free energy boosts, focus enhancers, skin health, care for when you're sick, you name it. 

thrive market

Organic groceries and household essentials at a reduced cost, delivered to your door. Think: Whole Foods meets Costco meets Instacart. Plus, your membership sponsors one for someone in need.


Hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, and effective + the cutest prints you'll ever see! Premium, plant-based products without premium pricing. Convenient bundles, shipped to you, with freebies and discounts to boot.

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All the things...



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A roundup of my favorite everyday items for all things life, from the one and only Amazon.

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The world may have tried to convince you that you're overly sensitive, that you're too much or not enough of this or that. Maybe you carry around shame about your sensitivities, adapting by hiding those parts of you, pushing away your feelings and needs, and disconnecting from others or yourself. It might not even seem possible to thrive as a mom while at the same time honoring your identity as an HSP. But it absolutely is possible to be not just a good mom, but a great freakin' mom. And the more you lean into your beautiful HSP traits, the more ease you can live life with. You deserve to do things for yourself, take time for yourself, and live an unapologetically imperfect mom life that seriously lights you up.

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