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I looove me some personal wellness items, but let me start by saying that “wellness” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. That term has also been basically hijacked by the diet industry, and one thing I’m not about is diet culture. For me, wellness products are things that support my overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally, and encourage me to feel like my best, most energized, happiest self. I’m going to focus on food/superfood items in this post, because I’ve found some goodies that I’m definitely keeping around.

As an HSP, what you’re putting into your body matters. And let me clarify – that doesn’t mean you need to be on any special diet, but it’s just a reminder that energy management is incredibly important for us. Because we’re so sensitive to shifts in our body, and because our energy reserves can get drained way quicker due to our nervous systems’ deep processing work, it’s really helpful to pay attention to what nutrients and foods energize you and which deplete you.

In my few decades on this planet, I’ve been through about every diet, tried all sorts of junk and fraud supplements that completely messed up my body, and focused on external factors and validations like the numbers on a scale or on my pant tag. I’ve also gone the complete opposite direction, putting my diet & exercise so far on the back burner it was non-existent, treating my body like crap, not listening to its needs, and just eating, drinking, partying, lounging my days away feeling miserable. So I’ve been all over! But in the last five years or so I’ve gotten to a place of feeling like my wellness (while always a work in progress and a continued daily effort) is on point and supporting my mental and physical health.

As I said, one of the biggest things I pay attention to is what makes my body feel good and what doesn’t. Then, I do my best to steer clear of the stuff that makes me feel not-so-hot. I also allow myself space to eat what I want when I want, even if I know it might not make me feel my best. For example, I know that my body does best on a low gluten and low dairy diet, so in general I follow that. However, I’m also a-okay with and in fact reallyyyy pumped up sometimes to eat a big chunk of burrata cheese or chow down on a loaf of very wheaty bread. I know I might not feel my best after, but I’m happier with that than with any restriction and rigid rules around what’s “allowed” and what isn’t. That flexibility is important and healthy for me -it’s just what works for me, and everyone’s different. These days, I’m much more concerned with not ingesting chemicals, toxins, dyes, pesticides, and lots of the other things that I wish were entirely banned.

I’ve also focused on incorporating items that I know make me feel good, help fuel me through the sometimes long and exhausting days, and encourage me to show up as my best self. Drumroll, please!

Organifi Green Juice

I am not a juicer. I have zero interest in cleaning all the parts of a juicer everyday. I can’t imagine having more produce in the house than we already do. And I don’t want to research and buy ten different items to put together into a shake everyday. But! I love the idea of getting in my superfoods and fueling my body with all sorts of greens and healthy ingredients that it would never get otherwise. Enter: Organifi Green! An all-in-one green juice cocktail (hey just pretend its a mojito!) that’s quick and easy to make, doesn’t taste like dirt or chalk, and leaves me feeling good. I’m talking energy, glowing skin, hydration, immune boost, antioxidant support…yes please.

Beekeepers Naturals

Talk about superfoods, baby! This honey is medicinal-grade, immune-supporting, antioxidant honey that supports energy, mental clarity, and skin health. I’ve been using this for a mid-day energy boost, and it’s been awesome. I’ve realized recently that coffee isn’t really my best friend like I thought it was…instead of a satisfying boost of energy, I was getting a crash of energy, and a boost of irritability (which is really common with caffeine, even if you don’t think you’re sensitive to caffeine because you don’t get that jolt of awakeness – pay attention to whether you feel any more irritable or anxious after having it). This superfood honey is packing the punch I need to power through the afternoon. It also serves the purpose of satisfying my afternoon sweet tooth, so score!

Thrive Market

If you know me, you know I love snacks, and that’s what first drew me to Thrive Market. But after browsing their marketplace, I realized they have so, so much more than that. I can get tons of our household food staples as well. But back to snacks – they have so many healthy, organic, easy to eat items that I just consider essentials at this point. I’m definitely someone who can hit that hangry state pretty quickly (it’s an HSP thing, I swear!), and when your hands are full of kids and other seemingly non-stop responsibilities some days, it’s crucial to have stuff around that I can just grab and go. Plus, I love that these are delivered (hello, convenience!) so I don’t spend hours walking around the grocery store and lugging things home. Bonus, every paid membership is matched with a free one for someone in need.

Daily Harvest

This was my first food service delivery that I tried, and I couldn’t be happier. I was looking for something super easy and ready made, but not something that resembled microwave dinners (you know, kind of mush looking caserole-ish stuff in a plastic dish). For extra busy days, days when I’m overdue for grocery shopping, days when I need to grab something on the run, days when I have zero energy reserve left to even prepare a basic meal…Daily Harvest to the rescue! They have all sorts of items from smoothies and bowls to flatbreads and soups. They’re all organic, as well as gluten/dairy/artificial stuff free, which I know fuels my body in the way it prefers.

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