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Perfect is boring

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Perfect is boring. Perfect is also impossible. Trying to achieve something both boring and impossible sounds like a pretty epic waste of time.

Don’t you think?

No one is perfect. It just doesn’t exist. You can spend your life trying to seem perfect…

Never admit to a mistake or a struggle, don’t let anyone see you sweat, always smile even when you’re hurting, keep your shit together no matter what the cost, please everyone around you by being whatever they need you to be at all times.

But even if you are able to fool people into thinking you’re perfect…how boring is that? It’s surface-level. Others can’t relate to it, and after a while they find it uninteresting. It gets old fast.

Perfect limits you from feeling the huge spectrum of human emotions. And if you’re not allowing yourself to experience the depth and complexity that life has to offer, you can only grow and develop so much. You’re seriously missing out.

You think by being perfect you have it all. The truth is, you’re incredibly limited. You’re containing yourself in a very small, very boring box.

We love each other for our quirks, our mess-ups, our awkward times, the struggles we’ve had, our moments of vulnerability and openness, the lessons we’ve learned the hard way, the ways we challenge each other, our realness.

It comes down to authenticity. And let me tell ya — my experience is people appreciate it, gravitate towards it, and find beauty and strength in it. The question is, do you?

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