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You can’t do it all, everyday

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Don’t blink, they say. Don’t skip a beat. Enjoy everyyy minute of it. It’ll be over before you know it. ⁣

That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. It makes me a little anxious thinking about it.⁣

And the thing is, I know they’re right when they say how fast it goes because I can feel it already. Sometimes I think of our baby as 3 or 4 months old and suddenly he’s 8 months.⁣

Especially for parents who work outside the home, or who have multiple kids to tend to, or who have other stressors pulling attention away (who doesn’t?)….You can’t do everything, every day, for everyone. You can’t be fully present for every moment, every need, every milestone they hit.⁣

There will be days, or weeks, you blink or rush through. There will be things you miss. There will be (many) days you wish for lengthy naps and early bedtimes, and you long for time alone or a day off from all of it. There will be times when you freak yourself out by realizing your kid is twice as old as you think (I’m feeling that now), or when whole seasons fly by and you’re like shit where did summer go? ⁣

That’s okay, mama. It’s more than okay!! It’s healthy and normal and often necessary for your own self care. And it does NOT take away from how much you love your kid or how good of a parent you are. ⁣

Yes, soak it up. You can never love your littles too much. But don’t put the pressure on yourself that you can’t ever miss a thing or that you shouldn’t be enjoying those moments to yourself. Unrealistic expectations like that will just get you down, and I have a feeling you’re doing a damn good job of this mom thing. ⁣

Happy 8 months-ish to this little man, who, by the way, is napping right now…so I’m gonna go soak up some sun and sip on an afternoon margarita. That’s what we call a mommy break!

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