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Motherhood Unfiltered: A raw look at the fourth trimester

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A couple weeks after giving birth a friend told me, “You’re making this look easy…this is false advertising!”⁣⁣
And she’s right. Becoming a mom – especially the first days when everything is unknown and different, and you’re all exhausted and emotional – isn’t easy. We chose to spend the first 5 days alone, and it was a complete blur yet somehow I remember it vividly.⁣⁣
It wasn’t just about cute newborn pics. It was raw as heck. Emotionally, physically, everything-lly.⁣⁣

99% of those days were spent walking around in a bathrobe and blood-soaked, ice-pack-filled diaper, with engorged boobs leaking all over the place, torn up nipples, and peeing every time I bent down.⁣⁣
You’re on the no sleep, raging hormone rollercoaster.⁣⁣
Questioning if you have any clue what you’re doing (no one does, of course).⁣⁣
Is he too hot? No maybe he’s cold. I don’t think he’s eating enough. Omg I think I overfed him. Holy shit my nipples are going to break off. I’m so covered in puke. Have I showered recently? I’m so tired. Please help me. No not like that, I’ll do it. I don’t think he’s breathing, I’m going in. No one go in, he just fell asleep!⁣⁣
Sound familiar, anyone?⁣⁣
Each minute of it is vulnerable because you have someone’s life in your hands – someone who’s also vulnerable, and who you happen to love more than anything else in the world.⁣⁣
I’d sob my eyes out with happiness and disbelief that we had created this incredible little being and that he was finally here in this world.⁣⁣
Any emotions that strong, even when they’re positive, are completely overwhelming. AmIRight?!⁣⁣
For me, it wasn’t easy and it’d be false advertising to say it was. But it was puuuure bliss.⁣⁣
It was the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt and yet somehow also the most empowered. By far.⁣⁣
It’s pretty freakin incredible how much strength can be found in moments of vulnerability.⁣⁣
When have you been totally vulnerable and at the same time (or maybe because of that) you found more strength than you knew you had?

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