you are worthy

Mindset/Mental Health

Perfect is boring

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Perfect is boring. Perfect is also impossible. Trying to achieve something both boring and impossible sounds like a pretty epic waste of time.

Don’t you think?

No one is perfect. It just doesn’t exist. You can spend your life trying to seem perfect…

Never admit to a mistake or a struggle, don’t let anyone see you sweat, always smile even when you’re hurting, keep your shit together no matter what the cost, please everyone around you by being whatever they need you to be at all times.

Self Love/Body Image

Don’t be skeptical about your worth

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There’s plenty of things to be skeptical about in this world. Don’t let your worth be one of them.

Refuse to spend your days wondering – am I good enough, smart enough, fun enough, young enough, old enough, strong enough, pretty enough, cool enough, wealthy enough, thin enough, creative enough, (fill in the blank) enough? Do I bring value; am I worthy of the things I have; do I even deserve the things I want for?

Let’s be honest. We all ask ourselves these things sometimes.