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Comfy, Affordable Lounge Clothes That Don’t Feel Dumpy

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I’m all about a good cheap outfit, fashion that doesn’t break the bank, and wearing clothes that I don’t have to stress about if (when) I get them dirty, rip or stain them, you know the deal.

And at the same time, there’s a lot to be said for wearing clothes that make you feel good. Whether for you that means a $15 Amazon dress or a $500 designer dress, it really doesn’t matter. 

I’ve gotten into the rut – more than once – of wearing clothes that make me feel like total crap. After a while, it can become the norm. Especially if you’re a new mom, staying home alone with a baby all day, (perhaps in the middle of a global pandemic) – it’s not unheard of to get stuck in a pattern of throwing on grubby clothes and just calling it a day. Hardly leaving the house, barely seeing anyone, why does it matter, right? Wrong. It matters because it can completely deflate you and make you feel like a big old piece of crap. Clothes that are too tight, too big, ripped, stained, hate the color, bad memories/bad juju…donate, sell, trash them. 

It doesn’t need to take a lot of money to get a few pieces of clothing that you can wear on repeat, mix and match and style them differently, and actually feel good wearing them. 

You know Marie Kondo’s spark joy test? I always stressed when I did that with my clothes because if I really got rid of everything that didn’t spark joy or that flat-out made me feel awful, I’d have barely anything left. Well honestly, that’s probably what I needed to do a long long time ago. You don’t have to do it overnight, but start thinking about and really focus on whether what you’re wearing is making you feel good, feel your best, feel beautiful, comfortable, put together, whatever it is you’re wanting it to evoke. 

I’m all about sporty/lounge clothes (we can call it athleisure because that sounds more official) and casual, comfy dresses/summer attire right now. Here’s a few recent faves I’ve found that check all the boxes of being comfortable, cute, affordable, and never dumpy or gross feeling. 

Target – Sandals

Their sandals are super affordable, comfy, with tons of different styles. I never thought a less than $20 pair of sandals could check all the boxes, but I stand corrected! I wear my sandals literally all day, everyday, in the dirt/water, you name it. I wouldn’t say I take the best care of my shoes either, so the fact they’re so affordable makes this girl pretty happy. I really just discovered them this summer, but they’ve all held up well with daily use. They’re my go-tos for travel (easy on/off is a priority for me!), walks, and most are that in-between where they can be dressed up or down and still look right on point.

Amazon – Comfy tees and casual dresses

With my ever-changing body (from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy, through postpartum, back to pregnant, so-to-be postpartum again…), I’ve gotten pretty used to buying inexpensive clothing items, particularly ones that are comfy/stretchy, so they get me the most wear no matter what stage my body’s in. I’ve lived in some of these tees and dresses from Amazon, and knowing that I didn’t break the bank to get them makes it a little easier if they get stained, ripped, outgrown, etc. (that mom/baby life is rough on clothes).

Aerie – Lounge clothes, swim, and undergarments

Obsessed! Why didn’t I start buying from Aerie earlier?! Their clothes are affordable but still feel high quality, super soft, comfortable whether they’re tight or loose, and they have so so many sizes to choose from, so with a little trial and error you will be able to find the best size for your body. Plus, a company commitment to body inclusivity and no retouching of photos – love love love their mission.

VICI – Dresses

Slightly pricier than the others listed, but you can tell the quality is good, and what they’re known for most is their beautifullll dresses so a little fancier or at least more done up than the other lounge clothes I’ve talked about so far. They have a lot of bump-friendly outfits, plus just so many pretty, flowy, comfortable dresses that make you feel like a million bucks. Out here in California, dresses are my go-to for at least half the year, and I love having comfy, well-fitting options on hand when I’m ready to swap out my athleisure.

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