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Learn to love your messes

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Your friendly reminder that this is what’s going on much of my days over here…⁣

For such a tiny human he makes a lottt of messes.⁣

The thing is, we post what we choose to post. Do I choose to post cute, well-put-together-looking baby pictures (a lot)? Yes! And I’m good with that. Are most of our days also puke-covered, food-crusted, and diaper-changing-disaster-filled? Ohh yes.⁣

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Motherhood Unfiltered: A raw look at the fourth trimester

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A couple weeks after giving birth a friend told me, “You’re making this look easy…this is false advertising!”⁣⁣
And she’s right. Becoming a mom – especially the first days when everything is unknown and different, and you’re all exhausted and emotional – isn’t easy. We chose to spend the first 5 days alone, and it was a complete blur yet somehow I remember it vividly.⁣⁣
It wasn’t just about cute newborn pics. It was raw as heck. Emotionally, physically, everything-lly.⁣⁣

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How my health changed during my pregnancy

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Feeling nostalgic so throwback to this 7 month bump! Also thinking back on people constantly saying things like,

“It’s the only time you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty”…
“It’s the best excuse to be bloated”…
“Enjoy the food freedom while it lasts”…

It pains me to think that we only give ourselves that leniency and grace when we feel we have a reason to, an excuse, a “condition” like pregnancy.

Who makes those rules anyway?