Moms make tough decisions

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Moms make a lot of critical decisions in a day. It can get intense. Things like…⁣

1)Should I change my top since he just puked on me, or save laundry and just rock it for the next couple hours until it happens again? ⁣

2)To wipe the blowout poop off his frontside first before he can put his ninja-fast little fingers right into his own poop mess, or off his backside first so it doesn’t get all over and stain his clothes and the changing table? ⁣

3)How many times is too many times to pick up the same piece of food off the floor and still feed it to him?⁣

4)*watches him pee the second I put him in bath*…to dump and refill the bath or not to dump and refill the bath?⁣

5)For how many months do I need to take the dog toys away from baby and vice versa? Can’t we just abide by sharing is caring?⁣

Someone help me! What are the answers to these?! What other tough mama choices have you been making recently? 🙃

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