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The hurts of Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day Post 2 of 2

Here’s the thing…

Mother’s Day has never been a particularly hard day for me.

This year is pure happiness as the first with our son here. Last year I knew I was pregnant and was excited by that, looking forward to the day he would be here. Any year before that was spent celebrating my love for my own mother and all the other wonderful moms in my life.

I know this is not the case for so many people.

There are so many women who are struggling to conceive, who want nothing more than to have child but have not yet been able to do that. There are those who have been waiting years to adopt. There are so many who have lost children – those who have lived through miscarriages, stillbirths, early infant deaths, or tragic losses of their children at any age.

The fact that I know so many in my small circle of friends, family, and colleagues (not even counting clients) who have dealt with these things, tells me there’s so many more of you out there.

In addition, there are also so many women who have lost their own mothers. And there are those who have mothers who are either not present or not a positive figure in their lives.

I am holding a special space in my heart for all of you. Especially on days like today when it may be even that much harder than it is every other day. I can only imagine the toll it takes both emotionally and physically and I am feeling for all of you. Please know I am sending a long-distance tight hug of love and support.

Take care of yourselves today. Be gentle. Self care is a very powerful part of healing.

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