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Time to throw up a low-key middle finger

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Sometimes you just need to throw up a low-key middle finger…

To other people’s expectations of you.
To your own negative self talk.
To anyone who wants to bring you down.
To things you’ve been doing just to please other people.
To doubters, haters, and judgers.

There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t support you, doesn’t understand you, or doesn’t want you to succeed.

There’s going to be people pushing their ideals and hopes on you, their timelines and directions.

Sometimes you’re going to stand in your own way. We are often our own worst critics, and the biggest roadblocks between where we are and where we want to be.

Don’t be bullied into someone else’s agenda, especially if it’s someone whose opinion or guidance you don’t value.

Be open to advice from the people you actually care about. Listening to it does *not* mean you have to follow it.

Who or what do you want to give a metaphorical middle finger to??

You know you best.
Do you.
On your own terms. 👊🏼

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