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Don’t be skeptical about your worth

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There’s plenty of things to be skeptical about in this world. Don’t let your worth be one of them.

Refuse to spend your days wondering – am I good enough, smart enough, fun enough, young enough, old enough, strong enough, pretty enough, cool enough, wealthy enough, thin enough, creative enough, (fill in the blank) enough? Do I bring value; am I worthy of the things I have; do I even deserve the things I want for?

Let’s be honest. We all ask ourselves these things sometimes.

Take yourself out of situations and away from people who constantly make you feel that you have to prove your own value.

Surround yourself with people (and foster these traits in yourself) who lift you up, appreciate your imperfections, challenge and support you at the same time, and love you just as much when you’re a hot damn mess as they do when you’ve got all your stuff (somewhat) together.

Our world has enough other things that actually need to be second guessed, questioned, challenged, and changed. Commit to spending your energy in places that need it.

You are so worthy. Say it, repeat it, live it, and you will begin to believe it. One day at a time.

Who’s with me?! Drop a heart below if you’re ready to make it a self-worth feelin’ kinda day ❤️

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