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Can you tap into your inner baby?

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For as long as they keep coming, I will never stop soaking up these moments. As a newborn it was all the time, and now only occasionally…. usually it’s just us, early mornings, when he falls back asleep nuzzled up on me.

My heart broke a little this morning thinking about the fact he will do this less and less as the months go on. Things are changing so fast. Every step forward, each milestone he hits, I look back and it’s a flash. Time is flying.

Everyday I see him growing up and developing. He absorbs each minute of the day with all his senses, his brain working overtime. His hands feeling every texture, his eyes honing in on everything in front of him, his ears perking up at each slight sound. He is fascinated by everything life has in store each day, so completely present. He has and shows all the big feelings, completely vulnerable and honest.

I want to be like that ☝🏼

You can’t slow down time but you can change what you do with the time you’re given. Shift how you interact with and perceive your world. Make the absolute most of everything you’ve got.

You know, for being such newbies to the world, I’d say babies can teach us a whole lot about life…

Be present and engaged.
Speak your mind.
Show your feelings.
Do what makes you happy.
Rest when needed.
Have fun daily.
Learn to be comfortable on your own.
Don’t worry about judgement from others.
Never stop learning.
Be excited about life.
Soak up the people around you.

Which of these baby traits can you tap into this week?

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