The time we’re in is about loss

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The time we’re in is a lot about loss.

Not just the loss of life, jobs, control…there’s many areas, but two I’ve been feeling the most recently.

The loss of moments.

Simple moments in time – often ones we take for granted – that can’t be revisited once this is over. Both the celebratory and painful ones.

Spouses who can’t be part of labor/delivery, grandparents who can’t meet their grandkids, weddings, graduations, promotions.

Not being able to be physically present for a friend who’s had an accident or a family member going through deep hurt. For funerals, for someone who lost their job, to say goodbye to someone before they pass away.

And the loss of safety.

For many children, school is their safe place. Not just where they receive the majority of their food, but it also provides consistency, routine, a reprieve from neglect or abuse at home.

For victims of domestic violence, it creates the possibility of being trapped in unsafe situations.

For those with addiction or depression, losing a job/being told to stay home can be a recipe for disaster. Sometimes having a job was the only thing getting them out of bed in the morning, motivating them to be productive, to practice self care, to stay sober.

Idle time is extremely challenging (if not dangerous) for many people.

-> What type of loss are YOU noticing the most?

-> And, importantly – what do you do knowing that, feeling the impact it’s had?

Find meaning in this moment in time.

Again, find meaning in this moment in time.

1) What haven’t you lost? Or, what have you gained through this?

2) How can you support someone else? What can you do to make a difference?

I spoke recently with someone about the differentiation between social distancing and physical distancing. Even as we are all physically distancing, we can in many ways continue to socially connect, and are perhaps encouraged to more than ever.

And that’s a beautiful thing!

Even from a distance, hold on tight to your people. However you can, and tighter than ever. Feel the squeeze back from them. Lean into each other. I’ll sure be holding on tight to mine ☝🏼

Know this is not forever; this is a moment in time.

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